SOA Regina Summer Strings Workshop

Regina Summer Strings 

July 6 - 10, 2015

Regina Summer Strings 2015 will welcome string players of all levels and ages in tailored program streams of orchestral, small ensemble, group and individual instruction aimed to develop musical and technical skills. Young artists will be encouraged to perform as soloist or in ensembles at master classes or daily recitals and to be inspired by performances by the Faculty and the Visiting Artists. The week concludes with public performances by the Young Artists.

“Effective education is based on love, approval, joy, and consistently successful experiences within a high-functioning, aspiring, nurturing community.”    Eric Booth

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The workshop offers an exciting program, tailored to meet the individual and group levels of participants. It also provides a warm and fun social environment which encourages the development of teamwork and friendship.

The program features a faculty of highly skilled string players who offer one-on-one lessons to each participant as well as sectional work groups and full string ensemble work.

The workshop culminates in a string orchestral performance at the end of the week.

Regina Summer Strings is based out of beautiful Westminster United Church, located at 3025 13th Avenue, in the heart of Regina's artistic district.

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