Teacher Training / Professional Development Grant applications can be submitted anytime during the year but must be submitted in time to be reviewed by the board before the start of the training. Please note that grants are reviewed when the SOA Board meets, generally 4 times a year in January, March, August and November.


  1. To qualify for funding, applicants must:
    • hold an individual membership in SOA
    • be citizens or permanent residents of Canada
    • have been involved in musical activities in Saskatchewan for a period of not less than two years
    • plan to live and work in Saskatchewan, for a period of not less than nine months following the professional development activity,  in a position where the benefits gained from the workshop shall be shared with other Saskatchewan residents
  2. The Teacher Training / Professional Development Grant is for individuals who wish to upgrade their qualifications in the teaching of orchestral string instruments. 
  3. Activities eligible for funding are those that are designed to improve a person's ability as a teacher of music and have the potential of enhancing a person's development in music. For example, a workshop or university class would be a supportable activity, while attendance at a concert would not. 
  4. Eligible expenses are limited to fees, travel costs, room and board.
  5. Grant applications must be received by the SOA before the start of the activity.
  6.  The approved grant amount is paid in two installments. The first half of the grant is paid approximately 6 weeks before the training start date; final payment is sent after the training is complete and a completed Summary Report has been received by the SOA. The Summary Report and supporting documentation is due no later than 90 days following the end of the training.
  7. Priority will be given to those who have not received funds from SOA professional development funds during the past two years. 
  8. In determining the merit of an application, priority shall be given to those wishing to initiate string and orchestral activities in Saskatchewan communities where none currently exists. 
  9. A grant shall not normally exceed 80% of anticipated expenses for the project.



Grant Application Forms and Summary Report Forms may be downloaded in PDF format (see above links) or from the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association office at:

Saskatchewan Orchestral Association, Inc.

4647 Pasqua Street

Regina, SK, Canada S4S 6B9 

Phone: (306) 529-7366


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