November 1(more than $500 requested) 

If a submission deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, it is extended to the following business day.

Anytime ($500 or less requested)

Grants of $500 or less are reviewed 4 times per year; generally in January, March, August and November.

Deadline Details: 

  • New Initiative Grant applications are due November 1 if more than $500 is requested but can be submitted anytime if $500 or less is requested.
  • New Initiative Grant applications submitted during the year but must be submitted in time to be reviewed by the board before the start of the project. Please note that grants are reviewed when the SOA Board meets, generally 4 times a year in January, March, August and November.
  • Applications received by November 1 are included in the budgeting process and receive priority for the following fiscal year.


  1. New Initiative Grants are for SOA member organizations or groups, not individuals.
  2.  Organizations or groups should expect to get only partial funding from the SOA for the New Initiative. New initiative budgets should be made up of fees, the SOA grant and other revenue such as ticket sales, donations and fund-raising activities. 
  3. Funding is not retroactive and will not be considered if the new initiative has been completed. 
  4. The SOA grant shall not normally cover more than two-thirds of the new initiative budget. For calculating the 2/3 funding, SOA will not consider administrative expenses beyond 25% of the total budget. 
  5. If changes of scale, scope or focus are made after the initial application has been approved, any dispersed funds must be returned and a new application must be filed. A change of date does not require a new application, but the SOA administrator must be notified so that a timely distribution of funds can be made. 
  6. The approved new initiative grant amount is paid in two instalments. The first half of the grant is paid approximately 6 weeks before the project start date; final payment is sent after the project is complete and a completed Summary Report has been received by the SOA. The Summary Report is due no later than 90 days following the end of the project. No further funding will be available to the group until the Summary Report and required information are received by the SOA. 
  7. All organizations or groups receiving funding from the SOA must acknowledge funding support in their programs, publicity and wherever else appropriate. The Saskatchewan Orchestral Association, Saskatchewan Lotteries, SaskCulture and Saskatchewan Arts Board logos MUST ALL BE DISPLAYED. Receipt of final payment is dependent on fulfilling this requirement.


Grant Applications and Summary Report Forms may be downloaded in PDF format (see above links) or from the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association office at:

Saskatchewan Orchestral Association, Inc.

4647 Pasqua Street

Regina, SK, Canada S4S 6B9 

Phone: (306) 529-7366


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